The Rice Diet vs. Cabbage Soup Plan


Our Honest Review:

First of all, it's important to understand that the Rice Diet is not a diet based on rice.

The Rice Diet was created by Duke University and it was designed to help people with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity. Basically, these are all of the common side-effects associated with being obese.

However, this diet carries one major downfall along with it -- because it's a medically supervised program which is administered by doctors and nutrition experts, you have to physically go to the University to use the diet. Th diet center is located at the Rice House in Durham, North Carolina, not exactly conveinient unless you already live in North Carolina.

Overweight people from around the world do visit the Rice Diet Center to participate in health classes and workshops, however, is this useful for most people looking to lose weight? Not hardly. On top of that, dieters have to stay there for an average of 4-8 weeks to complete the program.

Th Rice Diet consists of 2 major phases.

The first phase consists of grains and fruits, and is completely worthless in our opinion.

The second phase adds fish, vegetables, beans and other carbs to the menu which forces us to ask exactly how effective the diet is since you are probably eating all of these foods in the first place!!!

This program is downright useless when you consider the amount of hassle and cost you have to go through just to see even modest results.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is much different though, and it's not nearly as healthy in our opinion. This diet is also known as the Mayo Clinic Program, but don't be fooled, just because it has the word "clinic" in it's name doesn't mean it's good for you!

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So what is this Cabbage Soup A.K.A. Mayo Clinic Diet?

It's basically a 7 day plan which allows unlimited cabbage soup each day.

Basically, since there are very few calories in this soup, it's just another low calorie fix. Nothing new here besides the excess gas an indigestion associated with eating so much cabbage and fruit.

So, not only are you starving yourself, but you have constant gas and the joy of smelling less than attractive the entire time you are on the diet.

Great!!! So you can eat unlimited amounts of Cabbage while feeling utterly disgusting for the entire week!

Clearly this is an unusual weight loss program. However, it should be looked at as just another low calorie fix that will do nothing but lower your metabolism and cause future weight gain to come faster!

We do not recommend using the Cabbage Soup / Mayo Clinic program, and it's our opinion that this type of program is not very healthy for anyone.

We think that the Rice Diet seems like a better choice -- but the Rice Diet is so difficult to use because you would have to put your entire life on hold for 8 weeks.

Overall, neither program is an acceptable choice for serious dieters. However, we have discovered one diet that is effective AND efficient!

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